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“Lisa I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to have the most wonderful gift of life right now when we met on Monday. It was such a pleasure and may the Angels and love be always with you.”


“Lisa, I would like to thank you for such an amazing and memorable night. Not knowing what to expect, being a little on the nervous side… you turned all my fears and sadness into smiles, laughter, happy tears and memories to cherish forever. Not only were you sensitive to the individual pain we were all experiencing, but you knew how to tackle sensitive issues with class and of course…. a little laughter. You certainly touched my heart forever, and I’m sure the rest of my group would agree as well. Thank you again for sharing your amazing gift with. myself and my friends!”



“Sweet, honest and true Lisa’s reading proved to me that my parents still hold the key to my heart thank you Lisa.”


 I will never be able to thank Lisa for the peace she has brought me. I first met Lisa at a small group reading in Florida, and she absolutely blew me away with her compassion, her knowledge and her ability to know facts, dates, moments…things that no one else buy me had known. When you sit with Lisa, you feel that you are sitting with an old friend – someone who will tell it to you like it is, but with humor, love and compassion thrown in. Lisa, I can never thank you enough – you have a client…and a friend…for life!


I am writing to say thank you for the great reading you did for me yesterday at the house party I attended.I have to say I was very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect.I went with the realization that I might not get a reading however spirit didn’t disappoint.I lost a very close friend tragically 2 months ago.It affected me in a way even I couldn’t understand.I’ve asked,begged him for something that could ease my pain.I was amazed at how Lisa connected me to him.He answered a question that only him and I would understand.She is truly a special person.My tears didn’t come this morning like they have every morning since his passing.Instead I looked up and smiled and said Good morning.If it wasn’t for my reading I don’t know when or how I would have smiled again.Thank you for the most beautiful gift I ever could have experienced.Now when I think about the day my life changed forever I will not understand why but I will understand b that our friendship was just as special to him as it was to me.My friend was my husband’s best friend so when I came home and told him of my experience with you ,Lisa he smiled too.Not only have you touched my life but his as well.Just mind blowing but very awesome.I hope others get to share in your abilities and may they smile again too.Thank you

Mike (May 2016)

 As an avowed skeptic (but still curious), I didn’t enter my meeting with Lisa with specific expectations. Our time together turned out to be both enjoyable and enlightening. Her genuine and gracious demeanor put me at ease immediately and the connections she made to my life were accurate, insightful and profound. For others who may be debating whether a meeting is worth their time, I can only say that it certainly was in my case. Mike

A Brothers Story

I am writing a Testimonial, not as a client but as someone that has watched Lisa’s gift evolve over the past three to four years. It happened a trip one night; Lisa and I were on one of our Brother Sister nights at the Mohegan Sun, reluctantly in the car Lisa explained to me that she was having some experiences that she wanted to share with me, she had explained how she was being contacted by spirits of those that are no longer with us. I have to admit I did not know what to think nor did I think this type of communication was possible, over the last couple of years my opinion has changed drastically.


As Lisa’s started seeing more and more people by word of mouth only I offered to create a website for her, this started as me trying to learn how to make websites as a hobby, from this something else started to happen, I started reading the testimonials that were coming in, I cannot even begin to convey the level of emotion coming from testimonials and e-mails were just as emotional and grateful! The people that were meeting with Lisa were changing their lives in a positive way, some were seeking closure and were finding it, some were looking for answers and they were finding it, then what really convinced me is when people I know came up to me and said “I met with your sister and there is no way she could know what she told me unless it came from the other side” I had no knowledge of any one I know meeting with her prior to their meeting and anyone that contacts Lisa for a reading we have a strict agreement, she does not tell me who her clients are and all information in a reading is kept confidential unless the client chooses to share it in a testimonial or an e-mail that shows their gratitude


In closing I wanted to say that if you are skeptical as I was you will not be anymore, Lisa has changed lives and through her support group “Keeping the Spirit Alive” she does not just give her clients a reading and then you are on your way, she has formed friendships and bonds that will last forever and the family continues to grow.


Anthony Notarino

Older Brother

August 2016


I came to you back in 2014 and you gave me the most amazing reading. Everything you said about each of my family members blew me away! One thing you told me about myself always stayed in the back of my head, you told me i should get a mammogram. You even told me which side!! At that time i was 33yrs old and of course told too young for mammograms. Well here I am 2 yrs later and just found out in February that i have breast cancer. And also it’s on the same side you told me to get checked. I wish i insisted 2 years ago that it be checked! This gift you have is truly an amazing one!!!! And you’re an amazing person! I know I will be seeing you again soon!



“Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for the information that you conveyed to me about my dear husband last evening. I do feel comforted in knowing that he is at peace and is looking out for me here on earth. I admire your God given talent and wish you a long and wonderful life with your family. I was blessed for all of these years and wish you the same. Thanks again. Be well.


“I was a part of an amazing thing tonight. Lisa you are truly blessed. Your gift is absolutely amazing… I thank you from the bottom of my heart for tonight… We are best friends after today- I thank you again ~”


 I am so glad I got to attend the group meeting with Lisa she was able to give me some peace of mind and reassurance that my mother is still watching over us. I no longer question her presence in our lives. Thank you so much for having the ability to give me that assurance beyond a doubt. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.




Thank you so much for the wonderful reading that I had a few weeks back. My Dad was front and center, as he always was and will be! So many things touched me and made me feel like he was right there with me, which he was! I can’t wait to get my family and friends together and book a group reading with you!!! It was a beautiful day!!!



Wow! What can I say about my reading today…. AMAZING! When both the medium and the person getting the reading are freaking out at the way the spirits made things happen to get me to meet you Lisa, you know that you have met someone who has been blessed with a real gift. I am still sitting here five hours later saying to myself … “Did that really happen?”


 Hi Lisa i was given a private reading with you for my Birthday in December. You asked me if someone was pregnant because you saw a baby in blue blanket, i had no idea my daughter was pregnant at the time so i said no as i was leaving you told me again let me know about that baby boy because you saw him again. We found out Sunday she is having a Boy! You are amazing at what you do!


“I love the person you are. You are an amazing kind and soulful woman. My daughter has been blessed to meet you. I’m blessed and my family is to know you. Thank you and I have a friend in you for life and you have one in me”

June (2016)

We had a small group reading and we all left feeling validated. Lisa has a great personality and is very decisive in her reading. She looks right at you to indicate the message is for you and is adiment and confident in her message. This is a great trait because when put on the spot it is difficult to think but she helps you through it. When you are able to make the connection and validate it, its amazing and she’s accurate.

  Well she says it’s the spirits. 🙂 I can give multiple examples throughout the evening. A group of 7 and we were all read over two hours. Lisa possesses an amazing gift and she’s confirmed for me what I’ve always believed and now know.




My experience was amazing and validated my grief but also told.. me my husband loves and cares for me and our family. I feel so privileged to have shared this life with him and cherish his beautiful spirit.