A Brothers Story

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I am writing a Testimonial, not as a client but as someone that has watched Lisa’s gift evolve over the past three to four years. It happened a trip one night; Lisa and I were on one of our Brother Sister nights at the Mohegan Sun, reluctantly in the car Lisa explained to me that she was having some experiences that she wanted to share with me, she had explained how she was being contacted by spirits of those that are no longer with us. I have to admit I did not know what to think nor did I think this type of communication was possible, over the last couple of years my opinion has changed drastically.


As Lisa’s started seeing more and more people by word of mouth only I offered to create a website for her, this started as me trying to learn how to make websites as a hobby, from this something else started to happen, I started reading the testimonials that were coming in, I cannot even begin to convey the level of emotion coming from testimonials and e-mails were just as emotional and grateful! The people that were meeting with Lisa were changing their lives in a positive way, some were seeking closure and were finding it, some were looking for answers and they were finding it, then what really convinced me is when people I know came up to me and said “I met with your sister and there is no way she could know what she told me unless it came from the other side” I had no knowledge of any one I know meeting with her prior to their meeting and anyone that contacts Lisa for a reading we have a strict agreement, she does not tell me who her clients are and all information in a reading is kept confidential unless the client chooses to share it in a testimonial or an e-mail that shows their gratitude


In closing I wanted to say that if you are skeptical as I was you will not be anymore, Lisa has changed lives and through her support group “Keeping the Spirit Alive” she does not just give her clients a reading and then you are on your way, she has formed friendships and bonds that will last forever and the family continues to grow.


Anthony Notarino

Older Brother