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I am writing to say thank you for the great reading you did for me yesterday at the house party I attended.I have to say I was very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect.I went with the realization that I might not get a reading however spirit didn’t disappoint.I lost a very close friend tragically 2 months ago.It affected me in a way even I couldn’t understand.I’ve asked,begged him for something that could ease my pain.I was amazed at how Lisa connected me to him.He answered a question that only him and I would understand.She is truly a special person.My tears didn’t come this morning like they have every morning since his passing.Instead I looked up and smiled and said Good morning.If it wasn’t for my reading I don’t know when or how I would have smiled again.Thank you for the most beautiful gift I ever could have experienced.Now when I think about the day my life changed forever I will not understand why but I will understand b that our friendship was just as special to him as it was to me.My friend was my husband’s best friend so when I came home and told him of my experience with you ,Lisa he smiled too.Not only have you touched my life but his as well.Just mind blowing but very awesome.I hope others get to share in your abilities and may they smile again too.Thank you